Installing SugarCRM

This is a quick set of notes on how to install SugarCRM Community Edition on a Windows 2003 Server.

I’ve already installed Apache 2.2, MySql 5.1, and PHP 5 and therefore I’m ready to install SugarCRM.

  1. Download SugarCRM from here
  2. Extract the files in the zip file into the appropriate directory. In my case that is “C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\SugarCRM”. The SugarCRM directory was created by me obviously.
  3. Open a browser and navigate to the SugarCRM instance. In the examples for installing MediaWiki i had Apache configured to look on port 8080 so the path in my case would be http://localhost:8080/SugarCRM” and you should see the SugarCRM screen.
  4. Do the checks and click “Next”
  5. Check the “I accept” checkbox if not checked and click “Next”
  6. SugarCRM will then check for any issues. In the install i had i needed to do two things
    1. Edit the php.ini file and set the “session.save_path” setting to sesison.save_path = “C:\Windows\Temp”. This is so that SugarCRM can store session data.
    2. Edit the php.ini file and uncomment out theĀ  “extension=php_mbstring.dll” line by removing the semicolon at the start of the line. This enabled the Multi Byte extension which is a required extension for SugarCRM.
  7. I then clicked “Next”
  8. Select “Typical Install” and click “Next”
  9. MySql should be select in a single radio button… (Unless you’ve got others installed… In this example I’m using MySql) Select the one you want, and click “Next”
  10. A database name and the web server host name should already be set. Unless you need to change some thing just leave it as is! Enter the database administrator username and password. I’m just running SugarCRM as the root user at the moment as this is a test. If you need to then create a user and specify the details and click “Next”
  11. The next page will ask you to enter details for the administrator password for SugarCRM. Enter you username and password and click “Next”
  12. On the next page you will be able to specify the localization settions. Set and click “Next”
  13. On the last screen you will see a confirmation screen telling you what you have set. There are also some things that you might want to configure like the maximum uploadable filesize for example. in php.ini there is a setting called upload_max_filesize which you can set to 6M as SugarCRM suggests.
  14. Click “Install” when you are happy…. and wait for it to… well, install!!!
  15. Hopefully you are still happy after the install has finished
  16. Click “Next” when done
  17. On the registration screen you can register if you like. Click “Next”
  18. You will be taken to the login screen. Enter you admin username(admin) and password and press “Login”
  19. Y?ou will be asked to enter you time zone. Enter it and your off!

That’s about it


FlySpray for Bug Tracking

Another staff member at work found DocuWiki and then found out that they use FlySpray as their bug tracking software.

The demo looks interesting…