Issues While Restoring a SharePoint 2007 Backup

I’m going to list some of the issues that I’ve had while trying for a few days now to restore a SharePoint 2007 backup.

Ensure that you remove the previous backup/restore job

If you have a failed restore you will need to stop it before trying the restore again. You will actually get an error message and won’t be able to continue.

To stop it you need to open Central Administration

  1. Start Menu
  2. Administrative Tools
  3. SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration


  1. Click the “Operations” tab
  2. Select “Timer job definitions” under the “Global Configuration” section

You will then see a list of the timer jobs. If there was a previous restore (or a current backup happening possibly also) you will see and entry with the title “Backup/Restore”. This will prevent you restoring.

If it is fine to restore (This post assumes that it is safe to remove the timer) then:

  1. Click the link/title of the “Backup/Restore” item
  2. On the “Edit Timer Job” window click the “Delete” button.

You are now ready to attempt the restore again

Shared Services Getting in the Way

With my restoration i found that it was trying to restore the SharedServices1 Shared Service in the backup over the one that existed in my fresh install of SharePoint already.

For some reason I couldn’t rename it…. I just got an error. Instead I created a new one called “SharedServices2”.

  1. Start Menu
  2. Administrative Tools
  3. SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration
  4. Clicked on the “Shared Services Administration” section to the left of the page.
  5. Clicked the “New SSP” button
  6. Filled in any details (Esp the SSP Name)
  7. Specified the SSP Service Credentials
  8. Clicked “OK”
  9. Waited…
  10. Waited some more…
  11. Click “OK”

You can then set your new service as the default

  1. Click the “Change Default SSP” button
  2. Select the service you want as default (this should be “SharedServices2” as you want to delete “SharedServices1”
  3. Click “OK”

Now you can delete SharedServices1

  1. Move your mouse over “SharedServices1”
  2. Click “Delete”
  3. Choose whichever remove type and click “OK”

Naming Conflicts with Databases

To remove this issue I simply deleted all the database I had made in previous restore or made sure the database names that I defined during the restore process were not the same as the names of database in the database.

The database server is a named instance called “OfficeServers”!