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PowerShell Remote Computer Shutdown Script

I wanted to be able to just tell all the servers I work with to shutdown instead of having to Remote Desktop into the server and shutdown or to hold the power button down (Gasp!)

$cred = Get-Credential -Credential "Domain\SomeoneWithPermissions"
Write-Host "Shutting Down <serverNameHere>"
$server = Get-WmiObject "Win32_OperatingSystem" -ComputerName "ServerName" -Credential $cred

The first line specifies that you want to get the credentials of a given domain account and assign it to the $cred variable.

The second line just writes a message… I chose for it to write “Shutting down whateverTheServerNameis”

The third line get the WMI Object that will be used to communicate with the server specified by -ComputerName using the Credentials we stored in the $cred variable

The last line called shutdown on that objects, which calls the server/computer and tells it to shutdown nicely.

Note that when you run this you will get a dialog asking for the password of the account! you could also put that in but it would be a bit funny normally to put the password of such a powerful account into a text file… :S