Disabling selection of a section

Found this little gem while trying to prevent selection behind the jQuery.treeview controll.

onselectstart="return false;" style="-moz-user-select: none;"

This worked for me on Chrome, IE 8, and FireFox 3.6.

Found this tidbit here.

Update: 2010-07-05 – Found this interesting extension to jQuery also. Note the replies also as they may be of use.


jQuery animation Example

I just created a jQuery Html Template that has 3 section.

  1. Header – Fixed size
  2. Content – Starts at the bottom of the header and stops at the top of the footer
  3. Footer – Fixed size


The template includes jquery library inline so it is fully functional.

The animation part will occur when the “Click Me” button is pressed in the top right of the page. The header will change size as will the content area. The content area is self scrolling also.

This test was done as a simple experiment to try and solve a problem with a control I’m trying to design.

Works on: IE 6-8 (though in IE6 the links are not correct), FireFox (3.5) and the latest Chrome (

CSS Reset Stylesheets

Here are two reset stylesheets that I’ve found recently:

Abbr vs Acronym in Html

I’m still a bit confused…. Will update this when I understand the issues a little more. This post is just a resource list.

I think this will get into the “it depends what linguist/dictionary etc. you ask!” category form readings so far!