PowerShell Quickstart

Powershell Quickstart which seems rather like a cheetsheet



Cheat Sheets

Update: I’ve altered the name of this page as It’s now just going to be a list of any cheat sheet that I find relevant to programming. Please ignore the unorganized state of this… I hope to fix it up soon-ish!

I’ve found a bunch of Cheat Sheets via several sites:

Sorry that this might not be be well formatted. will work on it!

Microsoft.Ajax Library Cheat Sheets (Direct Link)

John Sheehan’s .NET Cheat Sheets

  • .NET Formatting Strings Quick Reference
  • ASP.NET 2.0 Page Lifecycle and Common Events
  • Visual Studio Build in Code Snippets
  • Linq
  • Ajax Library
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • etc.

Added Bytes – Cheat Sheets

YUI Test – Cheat Sheet

VB Visual Studio 2008 Key Bindings (you can download from page)

C# visual Studio 2008 Key Bindings (you can download from page)

Git Cheat Sheet & Another

MVC Cheat Sheets

Clojure Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Continuouse Integration: Patterns and Anti-Patterns – This site is basically a free cheat sheet site for developers…

Ruby on Rails Cheet Sheet – Blaine Kendall

jQuery.Validateor Cheet Sheet (Direct Link)

.NET Date Time Formatting Cheat Sheet

jQuery Cheat Sheet

Html 5 canvas Cheat Sheet