Mongrel Rails on Windows 7

I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting Webrick running properly on Ubuntu and Windows; and the resolution… ??? I don’t know, but the suggestions are to try Mongrel, which though a solution is a bit annoying as Webrick is there ready to go…

Installing Mongrel on Windows 7 was rather easy though; it involved

gem install mongrel

Then just navigating to the directory with the rails application in it and typing:

mongrel_rails start

CTRL-C stops the process.

The instructions here for installing the win32-service didn’t work, but this did help… So i ran the following command:

gem install win32-service –platform x86-mswin32

… and it installed. Now we need to install mongrel_service

gem install mongrel_service

… which fails… and i still need to resolve this 😦


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