Satellite Assemblies – Example in ASP.NET MVC

We were trying to create satellite assemblies for globalization and figured it out in an MVC application…

first time using YouTube… it’s not very clear, but hopefully it helps! … hopefully when this one has finished processing it will be clearer than it is now… as i said. noob at the (you)tube!

Steps are basically:

  1. Add the globalization attribute in the Web.config file
  2. Add a folder for the resx files.  (we don’t want it in App_GlobalData as it won’t be compiled into the current assembly, but a seperate one!)
  3. Create your resx file and contents
  4. Ensure the resx is set to public.
  5. Copy the resx
  6. Create translation (say fr for french)
  7. Create the view to show the contents
  8. Test in both languages

So it’s very simple: Create the resx files, ensure they are public (not 100% whether this is needed, not tested yet!) set the globalization attribute in web.config and change your browser language to test!


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