Settings for TortoiseSVN on Windows

Update: Added bin *.dll and *.pdb to the string. I put any external resource DLL’s into a seperate folder outside the projects and purposefully add them to Subversion. Then all the dlls elsewhere are not included in subversion… which in theory would increase the size a lot.

In the settings for TortoiseSVN there is a section called Subversion which has some settings that need to be changed when installing on a windows system. Please see the "Official support for Windows ‘_svn’ directories" section on this page
The global Ignore Pattern I set to the following:

*.projdata obj tmp temp *proj.user *.o *.obj *.ncb *.suo *.pyc bin *.dll *.pdb

Also check the ‘Use "_svn" instead of ".svn" directories’ option.


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